Beds and Hats

Chain Cow came to Texas on a dark and stormy night. Well, she probably got her when it was bright and sunny, but it was dark and stormy when I picked her freezing little body out of the mailbox.

She warmed up and slept all cuddled up on the microwavable bag, which was nice and toasty.

The next night, she said she was lonely and wanted to sleep with me. I didn’t mind so off I go to bed and what do I find but Chain Cow all propped up on the bed waiting for me.

Granted, it would have been more exciting to find him (can’t resist a guy in uniform)

in my bed waiting for me, but Chain Cow looked so happy. Unfortunately, I toss and turn a lot in my sleep and I accidentally rolled on top of her and squished her. She didn’t want to sleep with me after that.

Poor Chain Cow.

She saw a blue satin box she liked, but it was too small.

Then she found a satin hat box that looked just right, but it was too hard.

Eventually, she divided her time between sleeping on the Russian Ushanka hat

and the microwave bag.

Discovering the Ushanka made her want to try on the other hats around here.

The Ushanka didn’t quite fit, but that didn’t stop her from trying on the other hats.

She liked the fedora with the natty little silk flower, but it didn’t fit either and she didn’t want to be an ornament.

She liked the confederate kepi, but it was kind of old and worn out and it didn’t fit either.

Not quite as nifty as the one with the flower.

Getting closer.

This one’s kind of cool and it has feathers.

And a net! Chain Cow loved the net and the feathers tickled her fancy.

Hmm, maybe too many flowers.

No, Chain Cow! I don’t care if it is straw, don’t eat the hat.

Oooooh, cowboy hat would be perfect since she is, you know, a cow. However, this one was too big also and really grungy.

It was still too big.

Then she came up with a great idea. It’s just the right size for a cow spa. Nooooo! Don’t fill the hat with water Chain Cow.

Aha! Finally, we found a hat that fit and Chain Cow was dancing for joy.

Not line dancing, though. Real cowgirls don’t line dance.


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