Battle Lines

I bought the plane tickets last night for the writer’s retreat. In many ways, it’s a terrible waste of money, but I am trying to convince myself it is the final push I need to get Paladin ready to submit.

I don’t know that I will ever be satisfied with it. As I’ve said, I love the story and the characters, but it seems very ordinary at times.

At any rate, I am going to South Carolina the end of this month for five days. I hope to get a lot of final editing done and hopefully pick some brilliant writing minds.

Don’s birthday is today. I hope Will gets a chance to call him.

I’m oddly restless lately. Part of it is the uncertainty with the divorce and this waiting game. We are down to the wire at last and I know a wrong step is going to be very costly. I just have to keep my head bowed and trust.

Part of it may be spring time around the corner. Every night when I drive home, I have an almost irresistible urge to keep driving. It’s time to be on the road, going somewhere new and interesting.

I’m not sure what is going on, but something strong is stirring in the spirit realms. It’s almost like battle lines are being drawn.

Last week’s skirmish was sudden, like a spring thunderstorm rising from nowhere with thunder and lightning threatening on all sides. It was on me before I knew it and there was no time to think or plan. I simply fought from instinct with little thought to terrain and strategy.

This was different. I moved steadily forward to meet the amassing army. My thoughts darted from one scenario to another and yet I knew when the time came, all of my little plans and hopes would be for naught.

I could only hope and pray. The forces at work in the spirit realms had already engaged. I was merely a pawn in the game and had to trust I would be taken care of.

Once again I prayed for a shield of protection and bended my knee to God’s will.

And, for those of you having problems falling asleep.

How to go to sleep.


  1. What’s in the air — the spirit realms, if you will — is probably tomorrow’s full moon. (moooooon… moooooon…) I mean, all kinds of strange stuff happens on that day. I think you might be picking up on that, plus of course all the other stuff in your life right now.

    That video reminded me of a Christmas tradition we had for a few years, back when everybody seemed to worry less about spending a little more. For dinner, we got (small) live lobsters from the grocery store; each guest got his/her own.

    A few guests, though, objected to putting the lobsters in the boiling water, despite all assurances that they didn’t feel anything. Then somebody found out that you can “hypnotize” live lobsters, by flipping them on their backs and stroking their bellies with your fingertips. It was wild — their limbs would just suddenly go limp; insert live but now inert lobster in boiling water; enjoy.

    Every year we gave the job to a beautiful single friend of The Missus. Somebody would hand her the lobster, she’d flip it, stroke it, and hand it to somebody else. By the time she was done, I couldn’t swear to its effect on lobsters but I bet she could’ve asked any of us guys to step into the pot and we’d have gone, dazed and lusty, to meet our dooms.

  2. John, might be the full moon. I’ve been feeling this way for a while; it’s just getting stronger. Something is moving.

    Oh, I hate the idea of cooking live lobsters. Don’t invite me to dinner.

    “I couldn’t swear to its effect on lobsters but I bet she could’ve asked any of us guys to step into the pot and we’d have gone, dazed and lusty, to meet our dooms.”


    I wonder at times the effect some women have. I ought to explore this a bit more as it would make a powerful scene. I wonder at times what it is about some women who can so influence men.

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