Another Adventure

I’m getting ready to pack the laptop. I know this is going to be a fantastic retreat because today has been so strange.

I had already made up my mind to take Cyrus back to the animal shelter. I loved him. He loved me, but we had irreconcilable differences. He would pee in the litter pan, but not poop in it. Every night was a treasure hunt to see where he had pooped. Two days ago, he pooped in a sack of new baby clothes I had bought for one of the grandbabies. Last night it was in one of my baking boxes that had cupcake liners. None of the advice I got worked. I think he just really needs to be able to go outside and I can’t let him out here.

So, I was bummed about that.

I decided to dye my hair before I left so I got the dye in and then got a washcloth to wash my face. No water I called the office. Didn’t I get the note the water would be cut off?

Nope. No note.

They agree to let me use the model apartment to rinse my hair.

They’ve been replacing doors on some of the apartments and they have no numbers. I go above 1508 to what I assume is 1507 and try to open the door. The key is sticking. I keep jiggling it. A very large man opens the door and looks at my shampoo and towels. Ah, yes, the bathing bandit has struck his apartment, but he caught her. I stutter, stammer and try not to stumble down the stairs in my hasty retreat.

I extended my welcome and took a bath once I did find the right apartment.

All right. I get to work early to get my work done. Boss was going to let me go a little early so I could pack and get a little sleep.

The printer is not working. My job is printer intensive. We have to route all our printing to the office downstairs. I print one page of a report, then I have to look some things up. Once I know which way to go I can print more reports. Then I examine them and we do some more searching. That means several trips up and down the stairs to finish one job.

Ismerai, Olivia and I get on the elevator and the door starts closing slowly. Olivia makes a dash for freedom. I’m familiar with this particular door and I know it will take the hide off if you get your hand or arm caught in it, so I’m not that brave.

A buzzer goes off. Olivia bangs on the door and wants to know if she should go for help. We are stuck on the elevator. I push all kinds of buttons, but nothing works. Well, the loud clanging bell thing worked. Now we not only have a ear splitting buzzing, but a clanging to go with it. Ismerai picks up the phone and calls security. They can’t really understand over the noise, but it sounded suspiciously like laughter on their end. He asks her to repeat and we hear more laughter. I’m positive they weren’t laughing at us.

They reset something and we are free.

I got off work at 12:30, which is 30 minutes past quitting time, but I still needed to go to Walmart. I decide to go to the one on the east side of town because it has a better selection. The west side had some big, fluffy bathrobes so the east side will have even more and, hopefully, something besides old lady pink. I chose poorly. East side has no bathrobes, even in old lady pink.

So, now I am doing laundry I planned to do this morning. I am nearly packed. I would check everything off my list to make sure I don’t forget anything, but I can’t find my list.

So, with a fond farewell until tomorrow, I bid adieu.


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