An Unplanned Time Off

The powers that be, in their infinite wisdom, had angle iron bolted to the floor on one of the safety lines in the warehouse. There are lanes in the warehouse designated for foot traffic, but, of course, you can’t always stay in them or you wouldn’t be able to go to each aisle and count, or do whatever you need to do. They decided to put the angle iron down on this lane to keep tuggers from driving under the I beams and knocking the lights off. Unfortunately, this is one of those areas you cross frequently as the restrooms are right there, etc. In addition to putting down this angle iron, they painted it the same color as the safety lane so you don’t see it.

I tripped over it on the 12th and went down to my knees, jarring my back all the way up. I tried going back to work the next day after the company doc-in-the-box looked at me and released me to go to work even though I told him I felt like my head was going to blow apart and my back and knees were killing me. I stuck it out as long as I could and after the fourth time of throwing up from the migraine, went home.

I’ve been off work since the 14th. You would think that would be a vacation or at the least, an opportunity to write. Unfortunately, looking at the computer for any extended length of time just makes the headaches worse. Sitting for a long time makes the back and knee hurt worse. So, I spend most of my time napping or piddling. The meds make me sleep all day if I take them as often as I am supposed to.

I was supposed to move into a three bedroom, two bath trailer on fourteen acres. I had been packing for weeks so everything would be organized. I hadn’t signed a contract, but he said he didn’t need a contract. He’s a family friend and mainly wanted to know the trailer would be taken care of. I didn’t find out he had decided to sell it instead until last weekend, when I was scheduled to move. It’s probably for the best. I was bitterly disappointed, but there was no way I could help move and I couldn’t hire that much help. I have to believe it was for the best, though that’s hard to swallow. I get tired of telling myself it’s for the best. One of these days best is supposed to happen.

So, in between napping and listening to the Lord of the Rings trilogy every day, I think.

I haven’t looked at FAR RIDER in over a month. Perhaps it’s time to go back and see if I can cut more. It came in at 132,891 and I know that is still beyond what most people want to see. I just don’t know if I can concentrate enough right now to cut intelligently. I don’t want to wind up with another mess like I had.

I should at least think about what happens next in FAR RIDER. I want to believe I will find an agent for it and it will sell, but these are hard times for authors and publishing in general. It’s hard to be optimistic. Even though I love the story and I think it will find its place someday, I can’t quite wrap my head around starting the next installment.

On the other hand, SONG OF ILWIN is written front to back. It’s rough and needs more fleshing out, but it’s a complete story. I could probably play with it a bit or at least be thinking about it. It’s kind of a fun story with a bit of mystery tossed in for good measure.

Will took me to see Avatar before the accident. It was the most beautiful movie I have ever seen. The plot and writing left much to be desired, but it was gorgeous.

Thomas Kincaid’s Lamplight Manor

I’ve been thinking. Is it even possible to write a book and build a world so exquisite now? What if we could paint word pictures as beautifully as Thomas Kincaid? With the shift toward leaner writing, is this something that is reserved only for movies? Do we build worlds so beautiful it makes the heart ache and tell only small bits of the tale at a time? Do we see the world in our mind and leave it there with only hints of the whole in the story?

I revel in the details. I suppose that is one reason I love the G.R.R. Martin and perhaps most of all the Beth Shope stories. They drop me in worlds rich with detail as well as compelling stories that make me want to know everything about the characters. I care what happens to them and sigh with sadness when the adventure ends.

I suppose that is one reason I am more drawn to SONG OF ILWIN now than DRAGON VALLEY, which is one of the stories where the world seems to be like a character of its own. Plus, it’s the first in another series. It didn’t start out that way, but I found there was just too much story for one book. I seem to have seriesitis. Of course, and I shouldn’t admit this, after the MC in SONG OF ILWIN solves the mystery and returns home, she finds another mystery waiting for her. However, it could easily be removed and my little sleuth elf could live happily ever after.

Ah, well, it’s like pondering the meaning of life, I suppose.

Will has started school. He seems to like it and for that I am grateful. His GI bill is still in limbo, but the college let him start anyway as they said they would get paid sooner or later. That’s good for the school, but it makes it a bit difficult for him when part of the bill is also for living expenses, daycare, books etc and he has been out of work since Dec. 15.

He found out last week, the Guard has more funding so he may have new orders soon. That would be a tremendous blessing.

And so it goes in the Weathers world.


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