A Taste of Texas

As you all know, Nashville has been ravaged by flooding, which has created the worst disaster in that area since the Civil War. This is one of the most beautiful, historic cities in our nation. There have been no headlines of looting, rioting or violence, just people helping people. Now is our chance to help.

A lovely group of writers, editors, authors, editors and publishers have banded together to for the Do The Write Thing For Nashville fundraiser. Some of the prizes being offered are astounding. Please take a moment to go through the list.If you’re a reader, a writer or just want to help, there are some fabulous offers.

This is now up for bids.

Here are two of my favorites. Kari Lynn Dell, a very talented writer, cowgirl and rancher has offered up a wonderful vacation package on the ranch. Yeah, I would so band together with three friends and head to Kari’s ranch to just soak up Montana goodness.Janet Reid, one of my very favorite agents has agreed to read a manuscript and have a 30 minute phone chat with the author about it. This is a chance of a lifetime for an aspiring writer.

Since I’m not really able to do much else, I decided to donate two of my rope bowls. These are genuine catch ropes that have been well used and loved by cowboys and cowgirls. I wash them and sanitize them before I make the bowls. Then I cut off the tail and wrap the new end around a round and tack it to the board. From there, it’s a matter of melting the rope together at strategic points to form it. The ropes are nylon/poly so the rope melts to itself when I use a high power soldering iron. There is no glue used on these. The ropes are stiff, so glue won’t hold up over time.

Since ropes now come in an assortment of colors, I can usually get just about any color made. The standard ones are orange, pink, blue, green, gold and natural. The outside of the rope will be a sandy color as the color bleaches out over time, but when I solder the joints, the inner color comes through.

As an added bonus, I will add some Texas treats to the bowls.

Sweet treats will include Texas Trash, a yummy mixture of nuts, cereals and pretzels coated with white chocolate and dusted with powdered sugar, Pecans Scandia, Orange Pecans and Chocolate Mint Pecans. It’s Texas, we love our pecans. (peh-cons not pee-cans).

The barbecue basket will include Shiner Bock salt and pepper shakers. Here’s a picture of my Coors Light salt and pepper shakers. (Mixer, coffeepot and coffee not included.)

My darling son has agreed to take one for the cause and empty the bottles so they can be converted to salt and pepper shakers.

 Claude’s Brisket Sauce, which is a delicious marinade for the best brisket ever. There is also a selection of Fiesta seasonings, which are great to season any meat or beans. Last, but not least, Carroll Shelby’s Chili Seasoning. That review is spot on. I’ve used this mix for years and it makes the best chili. I always make mine with no beans, but you can add a can or two of beans if you like.

Winning bidders get to choose color of rope bowls and if they want sweet basket or bbq basket. I’m also going to toss in a lovely copy of one of my short stories, A Woman Scorned. This is a perfect life lesson from an old west, Texas woman. PLUS you get an original  western drawing thank you note for supporting this great event..

The drawing will actually be in pencil on note card similar to this, but probably not this one.

Now admit it, you can’t beat that deal with a stick.


  1. Your bowls are GORGEOUS!!! You need to sell those–could be a wonderful side business. And while you are creating your masterpieces, you can be plotting in your head.

  2. Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. Any reason to plot is a good one. Thanks, Stephanie. Speaking of crafting things, I have a new wish. I want a knitted Jayne Cobb cap. How hard would it be to make?

  3. You wouldn’t believe it, but I googled a Jayne Cobb hat, and someone has posted a pattern!

    Anyway, Julie, I can’t remember, but do you already knit? Because the hat is pretty darned simple IF you already knit. It’s just a regular hat with ear flaps and a pompom. The pattern calls for either double points or circular.

    Is it for you or for one of the boys?

  4. Julie,

    Don’t go to college.

    Go to Colorado. There’s a great knitting/writing school there. You get to write in the morning, eat a fabulous lunch, learn to knit in the afternoon, eat a great dinner, take hikes in the mountains, read your work aloud in the evening, and crit other writer’s work.

    I think you know the secret location of this school. You can make your arrangements whenever.

  5. rofl Actually, I was just discussing future plans with my middle son. He suggested once I get this workman’s comp thing behind me I should move to Stillwater and go back to college. I’m beginning to think that might be a good idea. Gaming companies are always looking for artists.

  6. I’m so excited! Hmm… the natural ones look beautiful, but maybe you know one color makes a superb bowl? I’d like either natural, gold, or green–your pick based on what you know makes a really pretty bowl. Surprise me. 🙂 And you KNOW I must have the Texas Trash, etc. Sweet, please. I can’t wait! Well done–you donated a great item to a great cause.

  7. Susan, thanks so much for sticking it out to the end. I’ll get the rope Monday and get started. These are used ropes, of course, so I need to dig a bit to find what I want, but I can usually get what I need.

    Congratulations again.

  8. Howdy there! I’m the other winning bidder for your auction. I’m so excited, those bowls look awesome and I’m already getting hungry thinking about some barbeque. : )

    I had a question, about the orange rope. Does it come out as Texas, Tennessee, or Okie State orange? I’m up in Stillwater, but I’ll admit that McCoy and Shipley made me Texas fans last year, so I’d be good as long as it wasn’t fluorescent Tenn.

    Thanks a bunch!

  9. Renae, since the color fades with time and age, it’s a muted pale orange. The ropes are originally neon orange, but they mellow with age.

    I’ll track down the ropes today. It will take me a bit to gather things, but I will be shipping out next week.

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