Janet Reid

I don’t normally blog about agents, editors, and querying, but it’s the end of the year and I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. Janet Reid recently urged writers to clean up their web presence, fix broken links on their sites, polish their bios, and various other things to present a professional image. Learn how […]

A Woman Scorned

I’m ending the year by posting a story. I hope to be posting more and more frequently throughout the year. Grandpa Jacob thumped the Meerschaum pipe against his boot heel, knocking the ashes out of it onto the worn wooden porch. He pulled a leather tobacco pouch out and carefully tamped a fresh load into […]

Surrey Aftermath

This group of posts about Surrey is long overdue. I bit the bullet and attended the Surrey International Writers Conference after thinking long and hard about it. It’s definitely an investment. So, I made a list of what I hoped to accomplish by attending. First on the list was getting together with the crew from […]