Giving Thanks

It’s Thanksgiving and I have a lot to be thankful for. Three healthy children after a doctor told me I shouldn’t try to have more children. This was after Mirinda died and he rightfully predicted I would have trouble carrying another child. I wanted six children and had four. I’ve lived to see three of […]

J.E.B Stuart and Pirate Latitudes

I can’t believe September is half gone and Christmas looms just around the corner, but so it does. My birthday was the twelfth and I spent a quiet one at home remembering another birthday in Denver. There, at a writers’ conference, a group of dear friends held a surprise birthday party for me. Surprise is […]

The Wave

I’m sitting here with a bag of frozen chocolate chips under my foot. It would be frozen veggies, but I, in my fervor to clean out the freezer didn’t remember that frozen veggies make excellent ice packs. So, why do I need an ice pack at all, be it veggies or chocolate chips or ever […]

The Surrender

When the Civil War broke out, Robert E. Lee was in Texas. He received the news and spent the night pacing his room in the Menger Hotel in San Antonio, Texas, torn about what he should do. He was against slavery. He’d written editorial letters in newspapers with his views about why it was wrong […]

Timeline by Michael Crichton Review

TIMELINE by Michael Crichton was my last read by him. I’ve started this book several times and I have no idea why I never finished it.  TIMELINE starts out in the New Mexico desert. A wealthy couple is driving to a remote New Mexico town to purchase a Navajo weaving when an elderly man appears […]

I’m Going To Write A Book

Yes, I’ve been missing in action and we won’t go into all the reasons. Partially, the migraines and ensuing other problems are getting worse. Partially, I’m still revising and I went to the beginning to make some more changes. Partially, I got very irritated when the computer crashed and I lost my maps I had […]

Social Media For The Young, The Innocent, And The Damned

     I had intended to add more about the social media portion of the 2011 Writer’s Digest Conference, but the tweets are unavailable now.      However, from memory, I’ll post a few things mentioned as well as my own thoughts.      One thing I noticed was many people feel establishing your online persona is imperative […]

#WDC11 Through Tweets

I’ve been watching the Writer’s Digest 2011 conference tweets. Some have been extremely helpful. I’m going to post a few of the comments that came through the twitter stream. Meredtih Barnes, @Mer_Barnes on twitter, was very busy yesterday, so I’ll post quite a few of her “tweets.” Someone apparently asked in a panel if they […]

The Blinders of Desperation

If you saw O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU, you might remember this scene where Tommy Johnson sold his soul to the devil. I took my middle son, Cody, to Oklahoma City last week to pick up his truck. On the way we discussed his mechanic’s wife, who had published a children’s book. He showed it […]

Making Changes and Setting Goals

Yesterday was the day I should have made my formal declaration of resolution. No, I am not so jaded with life I have given up on the idea that I can make changes for the better in my life. Declaring them in public and printing them out is the reminder to me. I’ve heard it […]