Month: October 2010

Picking Up Bits And Pieces

As most of you know, I’ve been battling workman’s comp to get medical stuff done. People gripe about dealing with insurance. Wait until you get to deal with the government version of insurance. The accident was on January 12. WC

Is Your Villain A Hero?

Some friends and I were discussing FAR RIDER when I started breaking it down into POV plotlines. Beth reminded me, each important person needs to be the hero of their story. Even the villains need to be heroes. They have

Lisa Ahn’s Writing and Organizing Methods

Writing Bodies I started writing to save my sanity.  I was used to having a creative outlet as a graduate student and then as a teacher.  As an at-home mom of two kids under the age of four, I needed

Checking the Charts

If you belong to any kind of social media, a writer’s group, a library, a school or even know a writer, you’ve probably seen J.K. Rowling’s spreadsheet page from Order of the Phoenix about 32,941 times. In case you missed

The Great North Dakota Zap In

Kari Dell was discussing Beach, ND this morning and it reminded me of odd names for towns. Tarzan, Texas was named after the fictional character. So the story goes, a man in what is now Tarzan wanted to incorporate the

How to Approach an Agent

How to approach an agent? It’s a question that’s puzzled writers probably since there have been agents and writers. There’s the personal pitch in the office sweetened by an awesome gift. While this approach has apparently worked in some situations,

Ripped Pots and Ripped Lives

I, by nature, have an analytical mind. I like solving mysteries. I like figuring out how things work. I like building things and that usually involves sitting down and drawing out plans to an exact measurement. Imprecise things drive me

Dancing With Madness

I’m getting to the end of the plotline dissections. As I’ve said before, when a person gets a revision letter from an agent, I think the first thing they or at least I wanted to do was rush through the