From Beer Runs to Rocking Chairs

July was a bad month for a variety of reasons. If it could go wrong, it pretty much did. Now that the bombing is over, it’s time to start digging out of the rubble. Oops, another bomb. Yesterday I stopped in at the office because they left a note on my door saying my lease […]

Let’s Mosey Down and Breed Them All

There’s an old joke about two bulls standing on a hill, looking down at a herd of cows. The young bull says, “Let’s run down and breed a couple of those cute cows.” The old bull replies, “Let’s mosey down and breed them all.” A couple of years ago, a new writer joined a writer’s […]

Looking For Hephaestus

As many of you know, FAR RIDER is getting close to submission. I’ve been doing the final cuts and a lady on Twitter offered to beta read it for me. She gave me some valuable advice I definitely plan to use. I realized, once again, how valuable good critique partners are. When I first joined […]

There’s An Agent Peeking Under Your Door

Jessica Faust at Bookends Literary LLC posted a question on her blog a few weeks ago from an aspiring author who had just received her fourth rejection. The author realized it wasn’t a lot of rejections, but she wondered if it gets any better. I had planned on writing about this when I read it, […]

Happy Birthday Darling

A few weeks ago I started wondering what was wrong with me. People were getting on my nerves more than usual. I cried more than usual. I’m not a crier by nature. I couldn’t sleep. Some days I got up to eat just so I could take sleeping pills and go back to sleep. Other […]

Sara Lynn Sanders-The Artist and the Art.

I had the pleasure of visiting with Sara Lynn Sanders recently. I say this sincerely. I went into the interview as I always do with a list of questions to ask, fully prepared to dig around for the interesting tidbits. My list of questions is still sitting here with blanks next to them, save one, […]

Ride The Horse, Not The Saddle

When I was living on the farm with my grandfather and aunt, Dad bought a black and white Paint Shetland. Grandpa wanted us to name him Bimbo because that was a popular song then and he loved listening to it on the radio. Bimbo it was. My other aunt, Violet, had six kids and they […]

Proud To Be An American

I planned to write about the beginnings of America for my Fourth of July blog post and I actually did refresh my memory on the first and second congress and write two pages. However, something happened yesterday that made me stop and think. God bless America was a trending topic on Twitter. I glanced at […]