In America you work or you don’t eat

I’ve been following Adam Baldwin on twitter, not because he’s an actor, but because he’s interesting and interested. He’s not interesting because I agree with much of what he says if not all, but because he actually puts some intelligent thought into his beliefs. This, in the Hollywood crowd, is a rarity. Oh, they are […]

Bodies on the Ground

Years ago, when Brandon was rodeoing in high school and the High Plains Association, he used to leave little “signs” along the way. Summertime is a flurry of activity and travel for people who rodeo. For ropers and barrel races there are also special events that are strictly for them as well as the full […]

Excuses and Decisions

I worked on SONG OF ILWEN last night. It’s a story I jotted out years ago and then just shelved it, but I always liked the story and the characters. It is 24,000 and mostly complete. Somehow I lost some chapters, but I know the story. This is one of those things that got written […]

Problem Solving and Writing

One of the side effects of the migraines for me is a problem concentrating. My mind tends to just get stuck. I finished the query and synopsis workshops, but it was a challenge keeping my mind focused. The synopsis especially. I really wanted to just say the heck with it and drop it, but I […]

Repent Sinner

Rodeo cowboys are notorious for their practical jokes. Pranks are a way of life and most of them are fun if a little over the top. Revenge can be equally over the top so the prank war becomes a never-ending friendly feud. It’s even worse in our family because my children were raised on wholesome […]

Dancing With Magic

Some years ago, I got a call from my oldest son Brandon’s roommate. They had been to a bullriding practice and Brandon hung up to the bull and the bull stepped on Brandon’s stomach every time the hind feet came down. Brandon was wearing a protective vest, but the force tore out the zipper so […]

True Heroes

I had planned on writing about a “$10,000` race horse I won several years ago, but Will stopped by this afternoon and we visited for a while. He played this song for me. I couldn’t help it, I started crying. He misted up a bit. Angel Flight There are a lot of things going on […]

Three Days In Hell

I wrote this several years ago for a writing exercise, so it’s a little rough, but I wanted to share it today. I had really hoped to have another story to celebrate the Lord’s victory, but I didn’t so here is the old one again. First Line-October Exercise–It Was Hell Being A Hero. Title–Three Days […]

America and Israel

Garden Serf on Twitter posted this on his blog. It’s something to think about and something you need to read. Here’s something else to think about. My father joined the merchant marines after he got out of the army. He was on one of the ships that transported refugees from the concentration camps to America. […]