The Origin of Chain Cow

In case y’all are wondering where Chain Cow came from, here is her story. Please go to these sites and read her whole story. It’s worth the read. Susan in Ireland Carol in Wyoming Kari in Montana Cyndi in Florida Crystal in Alabama

Chain Cow in Texas

Chain Cow has been making the rounds. She arrived here about a week ago and I have been too lazy to post about it. Mea culpa. Will and Little Man are going with me to Buffalo Wallow tomorrow if it’s nice to feed ducks. Will said he would walk around the wallow and take pictures […]

Valentine’s is for Men Also

Valentine’s Day is so close I decided to do the ladies’ version today. I once mentioned on Twitter that men were hard to figure out. In some respects they are. However, especially for Valentine’s Day, this is not difficult. @Cowjon responded, “Julie, you’re over thinking this. The way to a man’s heart is his stomach…and […]

Love Is In The Air

I was determined to write the Chain Cow post today and I will later. However, a question about Valentine’s gifts came up on Twitter earlier that got me to thinking while I was in therapy. (It gives you lots of time to think while the little charges of electricity are coursing through your body.) This […]