Month: January 2010

Agents Don’t Care About Your Longhorn Skull

Rodeo cowboys and cowgirls often travel in packs to cut expenses and share the driving duties. Theoretically, they can drive pretty much non-stop aside from pee breaks, fueling and eating, which are often combined. Hauling horses makes it a little

The Rogue

Excerpt from Paladin’s Pride I posted this a long time ago. Since then I have pulled the songs out of the book aside from a few verses as part of the action. However, I still like these and listening to


If ever there was a horse who lived up to his name, it was Impressive. Foaled on April 15, 1968 he was destined to change the American Quarter Horse for both better and worse. His curse was also a blessing,

An Unplanned Time Off

The powers that be, in their infinite wisdom, had angle iron bolted to the floor on one of the safety lines in the warehouse. There are lanes in the warehouse designated for foot traffic, but, of course, you can’t always

One-Eyed Jack

Even though both older boys went to riding rough stock, Cody team roped for a while. We had been trading horses and wound up with a good old ranch gelding with one eye. He was a big, stout, good-looking gelding

Just for you, Gordie

Standing On Faith

The past few weeks have been a time of faith. Will’s best friend called him and asked him if he wanted to rent his brother’s trailer. It’s a nice trailer on fourteen acres. I don’t think there’s any fencing, but

Obligatory New Year’s Resolutions

I like the new year. It’s like a fresh beginning even though it’s just the difference between one day and another. Kind of like a birthday. With this new start we have a chance to do better than we did

Kari Needed A Laugh

I mentioned something about thinking of a new idea for another story some years ago and a fellow writer generously suggested “the politician, the showgirl and the wonder horse.” I also needed it to fit in that week’s exercise category

The Gift

My oldest son, Brandon belonged to a junior rodeo association when he was younger. He was in the senior division and rode all three rough stock events, but mainly he concentrated on bareback horses. The rough stock riders hung around