Month: September 2009

Customer Service–I Laugh At Thee! Ha Ha Ha

I’m home. The conference was very nice and I will have some links to some of the ladies who were much better about taking notes than I was. Our retreat house had everything…except internet. I think we were all anxious

The Return of the Flirty Dozen

It’s all about planning. Getting ready for a writers’ conference shouldn’t be difficult. Take your materials for whatever workshops you have, query letter (just in case), overview (just in case), first ten pages (just in case), smelling salts (just in

Will Is Home

Don, Brandon and WillBrandon and WillSoldiers enjoying Cross CountryBrandon-Scars are just tattoos with better stories.Speed and WillCross CountrySome of the biker escortMounted patrol in backgroundMounted patrol in backgroundYes, Will is home. He arrived home on the 26th. They had been