The Art of Catching Pigs and Agents

I’ve been MIA for a few reasons. Funk still hanging on, but it is finally on its way. Doctor’s appointments every morning except today for the last two weeks. Finally, most of the gnomies entered the critique workshop. One page overview and first ten pages were all that was required. Who thought it would be […]

To Hell And Back

I would have found someone else to officiate at the funeral after the pastor spent valuable time in a theological debate with me the morning Mirinda died, but time was of the essence and we used him. He droned on about this and that. I was well drugged to keep from going to pieces. “In […]

Making Arrangements

Don was gone when Mirinda was born and died. I was canning pickles one night when my water broke six weeks early. It was about 3:00 in the morning. I reached down to pick up a case of canning jars when it broke. At first I thought I had just lost control of my bladder, […]

Flowers For Mirinda

Today is July 18. Mirinda Dawn would have been 35 today. Odd how time flies. I feel like I should be 35 or 25. I always get in a funk from June until her birthday. I hide it fairly well, I think, but it is always there like a thundercloud threatening to open up any […]

A Soldier Died Today

I debated about writing this and posting it. It, of course, struck very close to home for me. As some of you know, Will was home a couple of weeks ago. He’s going through his own personal brand of hell, so I didn’t say much about it. It was so hard to watch him leave […]