Literary Agent Cults

I’ve been thinking, which I like to do. What are clients of agents? Do they form some kind of camaraderie? Do they become like family? Jenny Rapaport has a posse. Posses are good. I belong to a nice posse, but I doubt we will all get the same agent. If we do, I think it […]


If a person is serious about writing, I think they should express their personal opinions in public with great restraint. That doesn’t mean you need to go around kissing agent arse.** (There’s a story that goes with this I will relate later.) It does mean you should refrain from expressing strong political opinions unless you […]

Walking The Barrel

We’ve all heard the old maxim, “A failure to plan is a plan to fail.” I’m a planner by nature. I like to know what I want, what it’s going to take to get there and then plan out the steps I need to make. Do you all remember going to the fair and getting […]

Evil Editor’s Anniversary

It’s Evil Editor’s third anniversary. I lurked around there for a long time before I said anything because he, like Miss Snark, scared the pee waddling out of me. I’m not even sure what prompted me to post a comment the first time. Seems like such an important conquering of fear ought to be stamped […]

Trimming Our Tails, er, Tales

Years ago, we went to visit the ranch. Don, my husband, remarked how he could always tell we were up north by the calves with froze off tails. If the babies come too early and a storm blows in, they sometimes freeze off the tips of their tails. My step-dad responded, “Yeah, guess we’re going […]

A Saevon-By Honor Bound

Excerpt from Paladin’s Pride “They also admitted they were responsible for using the gargoyles to spy on the academies,” Thalmar said. “Spying on a member school with intent to do harm is enough to arrest them. There is other information, but I ask you to lay swords before I share that. “If you wish to […]

Beta Reading And More

I’m cleaning the apartment today. That’s a good thing, right? Well, yes, it needs it. However, in this case I am cleaning it to take my mind off other things and to force myself not to go back to bed. I can always tell when life is getting to me because I want to sleep […]

Proof that Writers are Mistreated!

A few days ago a woman posted a diatribe ranting about agents, editors, the publishing industry and how unfit any writer is aside from literary writers and especially her. I took umbrage with the entire rant, but I might have to recant. It was brought to my attention that one literary author was passed over […]

Writer’s Retreat-The End

Our last two days in Myrtle Beach went by far too quickly. Donna cooked a delicious dinner once night with breaded chicken breasts, seared asparagus and salad. It was probably the best meal I have eaten in months upon months. Tuesday night we did readings. I pondered what to read and nearly read the scene […]

Agent For A Day-Nathan Bransford

Nathan Bransford is, at times, brilliant. Not about his sports picks apparently, since he came in 84th I believe, but he is brilliant about some other things. Taking reader Jim Duncan’s suggestion about doing an agent for a day thread is one of those instances. He invited people to submit queries to be included in […]