Another Adventure

I’m getting ready to pack the laptop. I know this is going to be a fantastic retreat because today has been so strange. I had already made up my mind to take Cyrus back to the animal shelter. I loved him. He loved me, but we had irreconcilable differences. He would pee in the litter […]

Shelter In A Storm

You might recall I was feeling restless a couple of weeks ago. I’m not sure how to describe it, but it’s a certain unease in my spirit. If I were a cat, I’m sure I would be pacing the floor and popping my tail. For me, it’s a desire to get on a horse and […]

Write Yourself Out Of The Hole

As most of you know, I’m leaving on a writer’s retreat Friday and will return Wednesday. I nearly canceled after the negotiations Saturday, I can’t get a refund on house or plane ticket, but I could save some other money. I’ve really spent yesterday and today thinking pretty long and hard about this. Today, someone […]

I Am Not A Special Little Snowflake

Yet another rant. Oh, yes, you thought I was done being a pain, didn’t you? I’m not the champion of agents everywhere. Some of them I admire greatly. Some I find interesting even if they have absolutely no interest in anything I write. Some are plain to outside viewers as clabbered milk. Some irritate the […]

Abbeville and Editing the Classics

If you all haven’t met Abbeville, then it’s time to get acquainted. Not only do they publish some gorgeous books, they also regularly take on Big Orange with the style and vigor of a banty rooster. Lawsy, I love someone with a little grit in their craw. A little while ago, someone suggested to them […]

Murderous Rage

Anyone who has followed me on Facebook or Twitter has seen the horse pictures. One is of a yellow colt, WW Otoes Gold, who was nine months old at the time. He grew up to be, as one might guess from his baby picture, a gorgeous stud. He is out of legendary cutting and race […]

In Honor Of St. Patrick

There’s A Leprechaun In My Bed Copyright 2008 Julie Weathers All Rights Reserved The birds chirped in the tree outside the bedroom. Damned birds. That tree had to go. Didn’t they know I was awake most of the night and I need my rest? Of course they didn’t, they’re birds. I rolled over in bed […]

Find A Penny

We’ve all heard the old saying, find a penny, pick it up and all the day you’ll have good luck. I’m a firm believer in picking up found pennies. Probably because I am notoriously cheap and there have been several occasions when I had to pay for milk or other necessities with change I have […]

Happy Birthday Brandon

Today is Brandon’s birthday. Brandon is my oldest son and he’s eleven months three weeks older than Cody. I despaired of getting pregnant again after Mirinda died and was told by one doctor I shouldn’t try it again, but babies are important to me. I weighed 87 pounds when I got pregnant with Brandon. Truth […]

Cowboy Mentality

I’d like to express an opinion of a phrase that gets tossed out pretty frequently and irritates the tar out of me every time I see it. Cowboy mentality. For those of you who love to toss out this popular insult, here’s the truth. Cowboys work their butts off from before dawn until after dark, […]