Still in the Dungeon

I am still without Little Blue, or anything resembling a working computer. So, this note of desperation comes from the library. I think I pretty much have Paladin done, but it will need extensive revisions since several chapters had been written in pieces and I was filling in the blanks from memory. Perhaps by the […]

RIP Little Blue

As most of you know, Big Blue died a few months ago. Oh, how I miss my shiny computer. Yesterday, Little Blue, my laptop died. So, I have waited at the library for nearly an hour to get a computer, but I wanted to post here to let everyone know I am all right. I […]

Cowgirls Don’t Cry

Cowgirls Don’t Cry Query letters can make you break that rule, though. I think I finally have the query letter close. Dear Mr. or Ms. Agent, (Personal note about why agent is being approached.) I’m seeking representation for PALADIN’S PRIDE, my 135,000-word epic fantasy about a sixteen-year-old girl who dreams of qualifying for her aunt’s […]

SIWC Friday Afternoon

I will probably move my letters about Will to Letters On The Wind soon. Until then, here is a brief update. He is in Kuwait. He called me last Sunday from Maine. They were waiting on their flight to Germany. From Germany, they went to Kuwait and will be there ten days before going to […]

Finally Friday

Finally Friday! Soooooo, looking forward to writing this weekend.

Surrey, Friday Morning

Back to Surrey. My third day there was actually the first official day of the conference. I’ve watched conferences for several years and most of them leave me wondering if it’s really worth going because the agenda is fairly slim pickings for classes I think will be useful. Surrey was the opposite. It was difficult, […]

La Quinta Adventure-Savannah, Georgia

As most of you know, I went out to spend a little time with Will before he deployed. What you don’t know is the adventure to be had at the I-95 La Quinta Inn. So, now we break from the adventures in Surrey to take you to the adventures in Savannah. This is the email […]

The Surrey Adventure-Part Two

Surrey, day two. I had planned on buying some cereal for breakfast as I love cereal, it doesn’t make me sleepy like a big breakfast does and, let’s face it, I’m cheap. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to buy cereal, but they hotel did furnish us a mini-fridge and Lisa brought along some little cartons […]

The Surrey Adventure-Part One

I’m busy trying to finish Paladin and do revisions. I may have to bite the bullet and hire an editor as my eye about my own work is horrible. I’d like to discuss a little bit about the weeks leading up to Surrey and then what actually happened at Surrey. I borrowed the money from […]

Martha and Tilley at Moonrat’s Party

In case you missed it, Moonrat is having a party. Stop by and say hi to her. Martha peered in the screen door at her friend, who was hunched over with her head on the kitchen table. She better not be dead. “Tilley, what are you doing?” Tilley lifted her head and went to open […]