Conference Fashion

We are now less than a month away from Surrey. I’m focusing on the important things to get ready. Wardrobe. A few weeks ago I was in Name Droppers. It’s a high end consignment shop. In other words, it’s a used clothing store. I bought two shirts and four pairs of pants. They were clearing […]

My Week

It’s been kind of an odd week. The boss thinks I’m coming along well so he gave me some new duties. I like the overtime, but getting in at two or three in the morning is kind of wearing me out. Sometimes I feel like a vampire. I should be working on Paladin more, but […]

Answered Prayers

In this scene, Brother Miron is remembering a time in his youth as a young captain. They think the cave they’ve found is an answer to prayer. Little did they know what waited for them there. Excerpt from PALADIN’S PRIDE. His hand trembled as he poured a small glass of wine and opened the letter […]

From a Friend

I usually avoid politics and religion on my blog. Lynne Sears Williams sent me this video, which was made by a friend of hers, featuring her son. Message from a young soldier. Whether you agree with what the young man has to say or not, and I don’t agree with everything, he paid the price […]

Logan James Weathers has arrived!

2008 has, indeed, been a good year. Katie had Logan James on the 13th. He is 7 pounds 9 ounces and 20 inches long. She said he is beautiful and looks just like Will. She toughed it out and didn’t have anything except a sedative. I was surprised and proud of her. The least drugs […]

Surrey, Janet Reid and other things that make me happy.

Well, I have to say that was a chore and a relief. I have the contest entry sent off to Surrey. The entry for Jack Whyte’s workshop is sent and the entry for Janet Reid’s workshop is sent. They are both at the same time, but since entrants to Jack’s workshop is limited to twelve, […]

The Old Pipers

Some twit at the BookEnds blog advanced the theory that all people in “heartland” America use chewing tobacco, love guns and are afraid of intellectuals. It must be true because an article in a British newspaper said so. This got me to thinking about stereotypes. It still surprises me people have these notions about “Deliverance” […]

Blogless Reading

This time we swapped out stories and I do apologize to Blogless who authored this fun piece. It’s supposed to be coastline not cloastline and a few other gaffs. Even so I hope you enjoy his story. I loved reading it. Powered by Blogless Reading

Dodging The Bullet

Letting it all hang out. We’ve all heard the expression. We saw it happen at the Olympics. People gambled, knowing they had to push themselves past the bar to stand a chance to win. It’s not quite so dramatic in writing, but it feels that way. I finished the edit on the submission for Jack […]