Hard Drive

The good news is he thinks he can rescue the documents off the hard drive. The bad news is the hard drive is most likely gone. I’m going to have to rebuild it sooner than I planned. Am I kicking myself? Oh, yes. The laptop isn’t recognizing my printer so I can’t print anything off, […]


I blogged about agents and horse sales a while ago and it got me to thinking about horses that have been special to me. I’ve owned a lot of horses through the years, but there are some who have touched my heart deeply. Cowboy was one of them. I went to the ranch to visit […]


Will called this morning. It was so good to hear his voice. He has such a deep, melodic voice and at times I wonder where this marvelous young man came from. He should still be a tiny bundle in my arms. They’ve lost nine men from the company and they were already under strength. Two […]

Lisa Norman

Since I don’t really have anything interesting to say today, I thought I would start introducing you to some of the people I have linked in the sidebar. These will be random introductions generated by my super secret name picker system. First up is Lisa Norman. Lisa Please do read the Squawk Sheets and watch […]

My Horse Has To Work For A Living

Years ago, our Quarter Horse and stock show was one of the big stops on the show circuits. Many world champion horses won classes here. These are no longer the glory days, but we still have a sanctioned horse show in January. Most horses you see coming into the arena have obviously been kept under […]

Culling the Herd or How I Got an Agent

I was thinking last night while trying to go to sleep. Both knee and back are screwed up so there is lots of time to think since I can‘t sleep. Last night I thought about agents. It was a strange thought, daydream, er night dream. I suppose I was about half way drifting in that […]


I removed the whiny post because no one likes whining. So, I’ll write a new whiny post. Here is the update. 1. I am moved. The apartment is still a disaster, but my desk is set up and the computer stuff is hooked up. 2. Big Blue crashed last night and with it all the […]


I’m pulling an all nighter tonight to finish packing. I have friends showing up bright and early to help move so it has to be done. Saturday will be moving all day. Sunday I will be here cleaning and trying to dig out over there. I have no delusions of anything being organized. I will […]