Of Gods and Magic

I’ve been beta reading two novels that were written by friends. Well, more than that really, but two in particular. I’m struck by a few things. First by the absolute quality of the writing. Second, I am amazed by the stories. Finally, I feel rather astounded they value my opinion. Both of these works are […]

Horse Trading and Literary Agents

Crash time 9:00 last night. That made 39 hours without sleep. I finally took a Unisom and went to bed. Then I woke up every hour on the hour for some reason. I gave up trying to sleep at 5:00 this morning and got up. Still very tired and going to work is going to […]


I probably shouldn’t be posting anything today. I’ve been without sleep for 27+ hours now. Will is on his way to Oklahoma for a month. Then on to Georgia until they deploy. I stayed up until 3:00 this morning baking cookies. By the time I could finally relax enough to sleep some of my college […]

New Beginning

Steve asked to look at the first five pages. I’ve rewritten them a bit. They will probably change a bit more after the critiques from the workshop come in, but it’s pretty close to final edit, I think. Still looking for a title. Perhaps these pages will jog something. As always, copyright material 2008 Julie […]

I Need A Title

Well, the title says it all, or doesn’t in this case. I need a new title for Paladin’s Pride. The following is the query letter I am working on. Yes, I am still working on it, but not really. Since I’m taking it to Surrey for a workshop, it’s less immediate than some other things. […]

Time To Shake It Out

Next week will be moving week, or at least getting ready to move. Will leaves for Georgia the 28th. Time is going much too quickly. I’m probably going to print everything out this weekend and start figuring out for sure where I am. For some reason, it just doesn’t sink in as well on the […]

Writing Wrong

John asked me the other day how I write. My first reaction was to respond, “Badly?” I refrained since even I know it is just challenging, not bad. I hope. Being a working woman, I have other obligations even though I would dearly love to do nothing but write. So, here is a normal day. […]

Paladin’s Pride Chapter 3

This is the final chapter I’m posting on Paladin and, unfortunately, it’s the roughest. However, I am trying to push on and get the story finished before I go back and tinker more. Chapter 3 Gaeryn lunged to catch his wife, but she was down before he could reach her. “Amanda. Amanda, wake up.” He […]

It’s All About Leather

I confess, I love leather. I love the smell of it and the touch of it. I like going into a tack room and reveling in the smell of leather and horses. On my list of things to do is go to the Old El Paso Saddle Company in, wait for it, El Paso. The […]

Looking For Mr. Right

It’s been nearly a year since I separated and the divorce will be final soon. I have to admit I have been thinking about dating lately. It makes me nervous. What if I find I am attracted to someone like the horse trader? He had some very intriguing moves. The appreciative, appraising look; like he […]