Month: June 2008

I Did Something Right

He stretched out his legs and stared at the bulky farmer boots. Thirty years ago he had ridden into this land with the slim black boots of a far rider, silver spurs at his heels and a song on his

July Is Upon Us

It’s nearly July and that’s an odd month for me. My anniversary is July 12. I’ve spent many, many anniversaries alone, so that isn’t a big deal, but with the divorce looming large it seems particularly sad this year. I’ve

Captain Dorion

Well, once again the weekend is nearly over. I spent most of it writing and didn’t get nearly enough done. We’re working on characterization and POV in the workshop. I messed up the assignment, but I was glad to see

The Book Roast

You will notice in the Friends and Colleagues section I have added The Book Roast. This is a fun place promoting books and authors, but also just a good place to hang out. Be sure and check it out.


We’ve been trying to incorporate the suggestions made for our work in the workshop. For me, the task has been to show more tension. Make the reader feel like something important is about to happen. Mainly, I needed to give


I was working on a scene for Paladin today and something popped into my head. That, of course, is wonder enough, but this was something good. Barbara and most of the people who have read the opening scene of Paladin

New Endings

I’m too lazy to write anything interesting now, so I’ll put up an ending I’m playing with. I’m not sure if this will stay or not. I’m so far over word count, I may have to drop back ten chapters.

Off To Ft. Polk

Will shipped to Ft. Polk this morning. I took him to the armory since his car has some mechanical problems. Well, he drove my car anyway. They spend three weeks in Louisiana and then come home and leave again July

The F-bomb and Friends

Last night the VFW and others held a concert and hot dog feed for the guys leaving for Ft. Polk Saturday. I want to post some pictures, as soon as I figure out how, and talk about that later. This


I refer you to the Danger Synopsis post in May. I spent some time organizing Paladin tonight, not enough time, but some. Will, hopefully, finish the rewrite on the final chapter tonight. The battle scene may need some sprucing up.