Writing Through the Valleys

We, as writers, have a special brand of demons to live with. Sometimes we read what we have written and smile because we know it really is good. Yeah, it needs tweaking and cleaning up, but it’s damned good. While trying to figure out how to reveal a plot point that comes into play later, […]


I’ve been fighting the dreaded pitch process. No, Paladin isn’t finished, but I entered a pitch exercise at Bookends and now I am trying to figure out how to do it well. It should be easy to write a few lines, summing up what the book is about. Well, it isn’t. It doesn’t help that […]

Writing Exercises

Since the pitch process is eating my lunch, I decided to work on something else. I was looking at one of the writer’s forums tonight at the exercises. One of them is optimism and the other is a list of country music titles. The second one isn’t about country music, only using the lines to […]


I’ve found one of the best ways for me t stay on track is to make my plans public. This blog is my writer’s declaration. As part of my new beginnings, I decided to make my resolutions public. If you keep tabs on the Writers’ Forum, then you will have noticed a lot of members […]

But It’s A BMW

There’s an old saying; no matter how bad you have it you can always look around and find someone in worse condition. Will was out working on his car, when he noticed a man pushing his car down the parking lot of the apartments. The man was at the door pushing it and when it […]