Trees For Maryanne

DECFUN6.JMW-WK3 It’s about that time of the year. Due to computer problems, I didn’t get to play much with writer’s exercises and December shorts this year. This short was one of my first with the Writer’s Forum. I’m working on a new blog, Letters In The Wind, which will be journals, letters and shorts about […]

Over-The-Hill Adventures

In my continuing adventures as a soon to be single woman, I present another episode of the Laundromat. Everyone knows there are certain rules to doing laundry. Read the care labels. Sort the coloreds from the whites. Pre-treat stains. Wash the towels separately. It’s not a complicated job and, under normal circumstances, it isn’t a […]

The Rogue

Excerpt from Paladin’s Pride The rogue slipped through the black of nightHidden there from mortal sight.With footsteps soft as falling snow.His mission one so few did know.With daggers strapped tight to his side.The foe could find no place to hide. He traveled far across the land.Which often seemed at his command.No blade of grass he […]

The Story Teller

(This is the first Story Teller story.) DECFUN4.JMW-WK2Copyright 2001 Julie WeathersAll Rights Reserved This was a writing exercise I did for the theme of winter. The Story Teller Lone Wolf loved children. He had once dreamed of having many sons and daughters, but he was now an old man with no children to call his […]

A Child For Story Teller

Yet another writing exercise. DECFUN.JMW-WK3Copyright 2001 Julie WeathersAll Rights Reserved A Child For Story Teller Young Pretty Elk stood in front of the lodge, surrounded by people and possessions. The proper amount of mourning time had passed and today was the give away. All of her dead husband’s belongings had been given away. The women […]