Month: November 2007


Another writing exercise. This one was pretty wide open. The subject was scarlet. My Darling Emily; It will soon be Christmas and my thoughts fly north on the wings of an angel to be with you. It is bitterly cold

Think Green

And now, because too much sappy sentiment isn’t good for you, a double dose of the adventures of Martha and Tilley. Decfun/Green exerciseCopyright 2001 Julie Weathers All rights reservedWarning Martha and Tilly are browsing through Victoria’s Secrets again. Think Green

Mermaids and Candles

DecFun2-WK3-JWMermaids and CandlesBy Julie WeathersCopyright 2000 All rights reserved. Mermaids and Candles Martha peered down her nose through her trifocals at the catalogue on the table. Tilly was rummaging through her purse, looking for her magnifying glass. “The Sensual Senior…”

The Sin Renounced

This won’t make much sense unless a person reads The Sin first. The members of the writing groups thought I should bring closure to Laura and Lee’s story, so I wrote this to finish it. February Level A ExercsieConnect2.JMWCopyright 2002Julie

The Sin

I’m going to be adding most of my old writing exercises to the blog. This one was supposed to show people making an emotional connection. February Level A ExerciseConnect.JMWJulie Weathers (jmw751)Copyright 2002All rights reserved The Sin Laura rocked slowly, keeping

There’s A Pirate At My Door

The only credit I can take for this is being smart enough to read Beth’s blogs. In the post about the Surrey conference, she goes into a good bit of detail about some of the workshops. I’ve visited with

X Marks The Spot

Those of you who know me, also know I am going through a divorce after 34 years of wedded bliss, or something like that. Obviously, someone who is interested in writing could care less about that, but stick with me.

Writing Exercises

I’ve been reworking the first chapter of Paladin today. In my meanderings, I came across an exercise, which I thought was going to be horrible to do and of no consequence. I’m not sure there is such a thing as